IOH Silver + Protocol

Lab Analysis + Custom Nutrition + Supplement Protocol

Available for United States Residents Only (NY, NJ & RI residents are ineligible due to your lab testing laws - sorry)

Your Program Includes:

Lab Analysis

Comprehensive blood work including vitamin, mineral, hormone levels, inflammation, cholesterol and biological age assessment including risks for chronic diseases. Once your program is purchased, you’ll receive information from out lab team via email on next steps to schedule your testing at a local blood draw facility or have an offsite phlebotomist come your home, office or hotel. To learn more about our lab testing, including sample report: CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT WHAT'S INCLUDED WITH YOUR LAB ANALYSIS

Custom Aging Redefined Protocol

Following your purchase and the completion of your questionnaire, we will proceed with your initial virtual appointment to thoroughly examine your health history to discuss your goals and desired outcomes. Dr. Andreas will then personally design your comprehensive meal and supplement plan.

Custom Meal Plan

Dr. Andreas incorporates his training in preventive and nutritional medicine to create customized diet plans focused on immune regulation, gut health and reduction of inflammatory stimuli while promoting muscle growth and fat loss. Results are consistent week by week with the goal to get to a healthy body fat range of 8-12%. Many clients have eliminated the need for cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes medications — others have seen a reduction in chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions. (Results will vary, and require consistency over time for obvious reasons)

Custom Supplement Plan

You will be provided with a personalized supplementation program tailored to your specific requirements. No more uncertainty or haphazard supplement intake – Dr. Andreas' recommendations are grounded in your laboratory results and health history, ensuring their suitability for your needs. Once your lab results are in, you'll receive an email with your specific recommendations including detailed explanations and instructions. Your program fee includes a one months supply from Products will be shipped to the address provided.

Listen To Jayson

Busy CEO, Husband & Father of Four Daughters

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Joaquin - Entrepreneur

"I cannot express enough how IOH has transformed my life. Thanks to their incredible program, I've gone from having a 'dad bod' to being a sculpted machine that can keep up with my kids and all the activities I love. Whether it's golf or weight training, I'm now able to enjoy things I thought were a distant memory.

I shed nearly 25lbs, and even my lab results, including my Testosterone levels, are now in the healthy range. I feel fantastic, and I owe it all to the inspiration, tools, and unwavering support of the IOH family. I couldn't be happier with my newfound lease on life, and I'm incredibly proud and grateful for the transformation.”

James C. - Retired

"James has shown that it's never too late to embrace 'It's Only Halftime.' After being inspired by one of Dr. Andreas' keynote talks, I made the courageous decision to face my truth, even at the youthful age of 64. I shed nearly 25lbs of stubborn body fat and now feel like I'm in my 40s again. Not only do I look younger, but I've also been able to significantly reduce one of my medications and completely eliminate the rest.

James took the step to be honest with himself. The question is, are you ready to do the same?

Salicnib - Entrepreneur

Salacnib's journey is nothing short of remarkable, showcasing the transformative power of determination and commitment to health. Until recently, he had never experienced what it felt like to be truly fit. Nonetheless, at the age of 49, he embarked on a journey that would see him achieve the best shape of his life.

His infectious smile speaks volumes about the profound changes he has undergone. In a mere three months, Salacnib shed nearly 35 lbs of excess weight, simultaneously reducing his body fat percentage while adding an impressive 15 lbs of lean muscle. The physical transformations are impressive on their own, but the true value lies in the immeasurable benefits to his overall health – benefits that are truly priceless.

Salacnib's story serves as an inspiration, proving that age is no barrier to achieving one's fitness goals and experiencing a significant enhancement in well-being. His commitment to his health is not only a testament to his inner strength but also a beacon of hope for anyone seeking to make a positive change in their life through fitness and lifestyle improvements.

David F. - CEO & Entrepreneur

I had resigned myself to just getting older... living with chronic pain, weight gain and loss of energy to the point of giving up his love for riding Super Bikes...I tried losing weight many times only to be frustrated with fad diets and unrealistic workout routines. Dr Andreas put me on a custom training program without restrictive diets and today I'm more energetic and flexible at 51 then when I was 30! Not to mention, my challenges with Chrohn's disease have all but faded away without meds!!

Best of all, I'm now racing Super Bikes again with guys half my age!

Dr. Doug - Optometrist

First off, age is only a number, and although it’s a bit more challenging to get and keep in shape as you age, it’s definitely possible! There are no shortcuts to fitness. It takes discipline, hard work, determination and at times sacrifice but it’s TOTALLY worth it. DrAndreas called me out on facebook when I saw how much weight I put over the years and especially during Covid.

Today, the weight is gone and my health is back beyond measure. I hope that my journey can inspire others to get control of their health and well being just as watching Dr. Andreas’ journey has inspired me.

Whatever you do, don't think about it. Just boook your Discovery Call today. DrAndreas will not disappoint.

Jayson A. - CEO

Let me introduce you to Jayson…father of 4 beautiful daughters who thought playing basketball, wake surfing here and there would be enough to keep him in shape only to realize he was still putting on weight despite “watching what he ate, so he thought”…

He knew something had to change but it had to work with his busy life as a CEO and be sustainable. Not only did we achieve his goals but now years later…he’s not only maintained his 20lb weight loss but reports what little effort he’s new lifestyle requires…a priceless ROI for how he feels while still running up and down the basketball court with guys half his age pain free…

James B. - Entrepreneur

Dr Andreas is probably the most knowledgeable person when it comes to modern medicine combined with a holistic approach. His attention to detail, passion for nutrition and charisma is absolutely unmatched in the medical field. Weather you are looking to lose weight, looking for more a natural alternative to your health or a professional athlete looking for better performance, Dr Andreas is the one to seek out for help.

Keep up the good work Andreas! I’ve learned so much from you!

Miles S. - Entrepreneurs

"Dr. Andreas knowledge on health, wellness & fitness is incredible! Truly the best of the best with an uncanny ability to coach others to higher levels of human performance. You will not be disappointed having DrAndreas and IOH in your corner if your goal is to live an exceptional life!"

Jeff A. - Entrepreneur

Dr. Andreas is a consummate professional, full of energy, and a pleasure to work with. His dedication to a healthy living lifestyle has made motivated and made a whole world of a difference for me, my family and our team. He has provided countless hours educating our leadership team at various events across the country arming us with valuable, insightful and most importantly easy to understand health concepts that “stick” and are applicable to any level of fitness and health journey helping us feel and look our best. Dr. Andreas truly is an example of healthy living.

Kyle P. - Entrepreneur

I was a former NCAA athlete and after I graduated from college and got a real job, my health and fitness began to decline. I started a new family and my priorities naturally changed with my new responsibilities. Though subtle at first, my body began to change, weight increased and my energy was down. It was during this time I was introduced to Dr. Andreas. He helped me to implement small changes that made a huge difference in my workout and nutrition program, including supplementation. As result my health numbers and labs returned to within normal limits and excess weight is gone. I now have the energy to play with my kids. Thank you Dr. Andreas for helping me to turn my life and health around for the better!

Dr. Andreas' Own Son Kaiden

My son faced an ongoing struggle with his weight, eventually reaching the point of becoming insulin resistant, despite my best efforts to help him. Middle school was a challenging time for Kaiden as he battled depression and endured bullying, leaving him with painful memories of being taunted and labeled with hurtful names. However, one pivotal day, he approached me and firmly declared,

"Dad, enough is enough!"

"Dad, I'm ready to reclaim my life. Will you help me?" He made a resolute decision. At just 14 years old, you might be tempted to dismiss his determination, thinking he didn't face the same stress, challenges, or excuses as you. But consider this: he was in the 8th grade, actively playing football, and continually surrounded by tempting junk food.

Despite these obstacles, none of it deterred him. Kaiden willingly rose at 4:30 AM, three to five days a week, to join me for workouts before school. He executed the plan flawlessly, following my guidance on exercise, nutrition, and making healthier choices. What sets him apart, and why he remains my best client to this day, isn't just because he's my son. It's because he never missed a workout, maximized his nutrition, and above all, never indulged in whining, complaining, or making excuses.

If a 14-year-old, who had never experienced being in shape, could make such a decision and sustain it to this day, I ask you, what incredible possibilities still await you?

Meet Dr. Andreas

"Outward success & appearances in life, career and business mean absolutely nothing without your health. Life is not a dress rehearsal! "

  • Doctor of Chiropractic Specializing in Nutrition, Sports Performance & Anti Aging
  • B.S. Health and Exercise Science from The University of Richmond
  • 30+ Years of Health, Wellness and Coaching Experience
  • International Keynote Speaker
  • Supplement Formulator and Consultant
  • 3x Ironman Triathlete
  • Master Men's Physique Competitor
  • Avid Competitive Golfer
  • Proud Husband and Father of 3

DrAndreas knows what it's like to be a busy father, entrepreneur, husband, executive. He also knows what it's like to stare down the barrel of a few health challenges and still come out on top without the use of medications or pharmaceutical dependency and all their known risks.

What sets Dr. Andreas apart is that he's not your typical 20-year-old fitness model or former professional athlete teaching you how to stay fit (although there's nothing wrong with that). Instead, he's a 54-year-old physician, as of 2024, who has conquered significant obstacles in life. HIS OWN IOH journey (as told in this deeply personal video) is a testament to what may still be possible for you.

We each have a unique story to tell. So, I ask you, what will your new story be when you declare "It's Only Halftime," regardless of what ails you or the challenges you face today.

Your story is waiting to be written, and Dr. Andreas is here to help you script a tale of resilience, vitality, and unstoppable determination though optimal natural health and performance for without your health, what do you really have?